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Capable Washington lawyer assists clients with immigration matters

At Robert Foley Immlaw in Bellevue, I represent clients nationwide in immigration matters and work to relieve the stress and worry these legal issues frequently cause. With almost five decades of legal experience, I am adept at navigating any immigration-related situation and can address even the most complex of problems. Whether you are seeking to immigrate for business purposes, want to apply for asylum or refugee status or are facing removal from the U.S., I will assess your case and determine the best route to success.

What is the process for immigrating for business- and employment-based purposes?

New employment and business opportunities are among the major motivations for immigrating to the U.S. The vast majority will be sponsored by an employer who must be able to show the foreign national fits within one of the prescribed categories, which include persons with advanced degrees and professional or skilled workers. Those seeking to invest in or start a company may apply for a business-based visa, which has strict qualification requirements. Making just one small mistake can severely impact your visa petition, which is why working with a skilled attorney can help you make sure your petition is legally correct.

How asylum and refugee status is determined

Those fleeing persecution and human rights abuses in their home country may be allowed to live in the U.S. as a refugee or asylum seeker. The difference between the two designations is where the person is located when the petition is approved. Specifically, asylum status is granted while the applicant is in the U.S., and refugee status is granted while the applicant is abroad. I understand that having your petition granted is crucial to your safety, so I will tirelessly fight to get your application accepted.

What is the difference between an immigrant and nonimmigrant visa?

The U.S. grants visas to fit a range of purposes, so understanding which type is appropriate for your situation will help to avoid unnecessary delays. Those intending to permanently live and work in the U.S. need to have a petition for an immigrant visa filed on their behalf, usually by a sponsoring U.S. employer or relative. For those coming to the U.S. for specific and limited purposes, such as medical treatment, tourism or business, a nonimmigrant visa is needed. The requirements for each type vary, so having an experienced attorney is essential, and I will help you comply with the necessary procedures.

When do you need to post an immigration bond?

Non-citizens believed to be entering or living in the U.S. illegally are subject to detainment and possible removal (also known as deportation). If someone is taken into custody and then found eligible for release, a bond amount will be set. Release is dependent upon paying the immigration bond and may be revoked by the final outcome of the case. A knowledgeable attorney can successfully advocate for a reasonable bond amount and I will use the strongest possible arguments to seek a fair result for you.

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